3 Best Pillowcases for Hair in 2021

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OOSILK 100% Silk Pillowcase Check Latest Price LJL Design Satin Pillow Case Check Latest Price Iluminage Pillowcase Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Your pillowcase matters! The material is important. You want to keep hair healthy and attractive. The best pillowcase for hair can help. But where do you start? There are so ... Read more

How To Improve Your Skin and Hair with the Right Diet

Growing up, you may have heard of the old saying “Health is wealth” countless times over. It was either your parent’s reprimand when they see you eating sweets and junk food or your teachers and doctors advising you to be more mindful of what you choose to eat. Of course, many of us chose to … Read more

7 Best ECX RC Trucks of 2021

ECX AMP MT 2WD Check Latest Price ECX Torment 4WD Check Latest Price ECX AMP DB 2WD Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content As our world demands more of our time and our attention, our stress and anxiety levels are now at an all-time high. We have been bombarded with so many workloads ... Read more

Footwear Evidence – Shoes the Criminals Choose

It may sound bizarre that shoes play a vital role when it comes to forensic investigations, but it is true and they are very useful. Forensic footwear evidence can be used in legal or court proceedings. They are used to prove that a certain shoe was present or connected to that particular crime scene.  If … Read more

8 Best Pregnant Bikinis and Swimwear in 2021

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PregO Maternity Bikini Check Latest Price Pez D'or Maternity Bikini Check Latest Price Oceanlily Maternity Tankini Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Going bikini shopping can be a stressful event for many women. How much more when you are looking for pregnant bikinis or maternity bathing suits, right? This might come as a ... Read more

Laser Hair removal Bikini Line At Home

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If you want a permanently smooth hair free bikini line all year around then think laser! Say NO to waxing and shaving, and YES to home laser hair removal. The laser hair removal for the bikini area is one of the most common procedures performed in-salon. Now, with the influx of laser hair removal gadgets … Read more

Derma Skin Roller Micro Needling Review

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A glowing complexion, come rain or shine, is my ultimate accessory. But how easy is it to achieve a glowing look every day, and especially during the colder months? I can show you how to get the best out of your skin by trying micro needling at home. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is micro … Read more

How To Use Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

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Have you ever heard of jojoba oil? Besides having a fun to say name, jojoba oil has plenty of benefits, especially for your hair. If you’re tired of dealing with frizzy hair that’s impossible to style, I have the solution for you. My once frizzy hair is now silky, shiny and simply stunning and I … Read more

How Use Rosewater For Face Cleansing

rosewater for face

Have you heard of rosewater? It’s just as elegant and beneficial as it sounds. Using rosewater for face health is something everyone should consider. Even if you’ve heard of it and used it before, I doubt you’ve taken full advantage of everything it has to offer. If you’re ready to learn about one of Mother … Read more

5 Best RC Boats For Kids in 2021

Power Venom Boat Check Latest Price H100 RC Boat Check Latest Price Kid Galaxy Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Remote controlled boats for kids are a great choice for gift giving. It is something that any child (and the child at heart) can truly enjoy the water. They can take it with ... Read more

9 Best Toddler Backpacks in 2021

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Skip Hop Zoo Backpack Check Latest Price Yisibo 3D Toddler Backpack Check Latest Price Fjallraven Kanken Kids Bag Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content It’s truly the perfect time to get toddler backpacks when your kids already want to carry their stuff. Your little ones may already have their favorite snack and drink ... Read more

The Most Common Types Of Foot Pain

common types of foot pain and disorders

No matter what you do, you are bound to at one point in your life suffer from foot pain. It could come in the form of aches or even something more serious. Our feet support the entire body all day, every day. So is it really that far of a stretch to consider that eventually … Read more

6 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps in 2021

Medela Symphony Check Latest Price Spectra Baby S1 Check Latest Price Spectra Baby S2 Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content What are hospital grade breast pumps? The term “hospital grade” is not a fixed term and can be used by manufacturers in different ways. Also, this term is not recognized by the FDA, ... Read more

6 Best Breast Pump for Twins of 2021

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Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump Check Latest Price Medela Symphony Breast Pump Check Latest Price Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Pumping for twins means that double effort and energy is required in order to express an adequate amount of milk. Let’s all face it, even though ... Read more

At Home Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair: Everything You Need To Know

at home keratin treatment for curly hair

Many curly-haired girls avoid keratin treatments simply because they don’t believe the treatment will do anything for their hair. But this isn’t necessarily the case. While these treatments might be better suited for girls with wavy hair, curly haired girls can still have great results. If you’re thinking about administering an at home keratin treatment … Read more

3 Best Carbonated Bubble Clay Masks in 2021

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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Check Latest Price Efinny Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Check Latest Price One Bad Motha’foamer Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content If you’re a lover of facemasks, you’re going to love today’s topic. Bubble clay masks are taking the beauty world by storm and for good reasons. The ... Read more

9 Best Hypoallergenic Makeup For Sensitive Skin in 2021

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Mia Adora 3d Fiber Lash Mascara Check Latest Price Lash Factory Instalash One-Step 3d Mascara Check Latest Price Love Alpha Bella Rose 3d Fiber Lash Mascara Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content I love makeup. I feel like a movie star when I wear the perfect combination of eyeshadow shades and plump up my ... Read more

7 Best Shoes for Back Pain in 2021

Orthofeet Ventura Check Latest Price Orthofeet Wichita Check Latest Price Z-Coil Liberty Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Choosing the best shoes for back pain is essential because as cliché as this may sound- health is wealth. Taking care of one part of your body already goes a long way in taking care ... Read more